Hector Thomas Maybank Webb

Hector Thomas Maybank Webb (1869-March 27, 1929) was a British children’s Illustrator and artist who frequently signed his work simply as “Thomas Maybank”.

The Shut-In Society / The Vermont Sunshine Society

The Shut-In Society was an organization formed in 1874 to provide correspondence and comfort for individuals at the time who were isolated from society due to a chronic illness, disability or other circumstance. As reported in The White River Valley Herald on December 8, 2005, the Shut-In Society changed its name to The Vermont Sunshine … Read more

James Lane Allen Portrait Webres

James Lane Allen

James Lane Allen, (December 21, 1849 – February 18, 1925) was born in Lexington Kentucky on December 21, 1849 before the outbreak of the Civil War. James Lane Allen often infused Kentucky culture and dialect in his writing and is often considered one of the first novelists of significance from Kentucky. Family Life He was … Read more

Ella W. Ricker: The New England Poet The World Forgot

Whenever we studied poets from the American Realism and Modernist literature time periods in school, our attention was always focused on Walt Whitman, Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. It’s very sad, but also very true – most of us – even those of us who LOVE poetry – never really explored poets or the many … Read more