The History of Advertorials

If you collect vintage ephemera, you are bound to find some advertorials.

Hector Thomas Maybank Webb

Hector Thomas Maybank Webb (1869-March 27, 1929) was a British children’s Illustrator and artist who frequently signed his work simply as “Thomas Maybank”.

Alcohol, The Enemy of Life: A Look Into 1926 Viewpoints on Alcohol During the Prohibition and Temperance Movement

Alcohol, The Enemy of life is a historic article published in a children’s encyclopedia in 1926 during the mid-point of the Prohibition.

How Our Letters Come to Us: The History of Mail and The Post Office

This article, titled “How Our Letters Come to Us” is our very first entry from Volume 8 of the 1926 Book of Knowledge Children’s Encyclopedia and gives us a fascinating look at how the postal system worked nearly 100 years ago.

The Shut-In Society / The Vermont Sunshine Society

The Shut-In Society was an organization formed in 1874 to provide correspondence and comfort for … Read more

Jennnie M. Drinkwater Conklin

Jennie M. Drinkwater Conklin (April 14, 1841 – April 28, 1900) was a writer born in Portland, Maine.

James Lane Allen

James Lane Allen, (December 21, 1849 – February 18, 1925) was born in Lexington Kentucky … Read more

Author and Editor: An 1891 Op-Ed. on The Frustrations of Publishing by Ella Ricker

Author and Editor, an opinion article by Ella W. Ricker, talks about the frustrations of rejection as a writer in 1891.

Ella W. Ricker: The New England Poet The World Forgot

Whenever we studied poets from the American Realism and Modernist literature time periods in school, … Read more