Vintage 1950s Thermos Lunchbox And Bottles

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This vintage 1950’s lunchbox and Thermos bottles #2284 and Thermos Bottle #2210 comes to us from one of our family friends.

Our friend bought this lunchbox bought in the late 1950’s when they started working as an inspector in the insurance sector after retiring from the navy.

Here are our photos of the lunchbox:

The lunch box is about 10 inches long, 4-1/2 inches wide and around 7 inches Tall.

After you open up the lunch box, you find that our 1950’s Vintage Thermos Victory Worker’s Lunchbox actually has two Thermos bottles – one is a 1950’s Thermos bottle #2284 and the other Thermos bottle #2210 from 1969.

Inside Lunchbox
Inside Lunchbox

The second Thermos bottle was bought years later after the first one, but both are still in great shape today.

Img 6637
1950’s Thermos Bottle #2284
1969 Thermos Bottle 2210
1969 Thermos Bottle #2210

Here are some more of all of our lunchbox photos. I don’t know why, but these were really a lot of fun to photograph!

I will need to write up about the history of Thermos lunchboxes, because it really is quite the fascinating story! The company started in 1904 and is still going strong today!

Do you have any vintage Thermos lunch boxes and Themos bottles? Do you like collecting these kinds of things? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!