Shelf full of pans all in chrome

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One of the things we’re always struggling with at our house is how to organize all the pots and pans and where to keep them. Wall space is a premium at our house and our cabinets aren’t very deep.

Currently, all of our pots and pans are precariously stacked on top of each other – which means the minute you need a pot that is somehow ALWAYS on the bottom of the pile, it’s a dangerous venture to try and get it out without everything crashing.

It’s time for us to find a new solution to organize and store all of our pots and pans, so today I took to the internet to try and find some ideas. While I haven’t decided just yet what we’ll end up doing, hopefully these ideas will help inspire you in case you’re like me with a mess of pots and pans everywhere. 🙂

Simple Hanging Hooks

white and black induction stove
Photo By Annie Spratt

I liked the solution here where a simple board was attached to the wall with big hooks for hanging the pots and pans because it would be so easy to make – you wouldn’t even necessarily need to use hooks – just long nails would probably do the trick.

Here’s another similar concept with S hooks hanging from a metal hanger:

black frying pan on stove
Photo By Annie Spratt

The simple hooks for hanging pots and pans looks great in almost any kind of kitchen, here’s another example:

assorted cooking pots and pans hangs over black cast iron stove
Photo By Annie Spratt

While I love this idea, one of the issues I foresee with this in our own kitchen is none of us except for my 6′ oldest kiddo would actually tall enough to reach them very easily! Pots and pans are heavy and we’re all also pretty clumsy, so I worry they might fall on us. (Am I neurotic and worried over nothing? Maybe! But still – it’s something I think about!)

A Tall Narrow Wall Shelf

vertical shelf
Photo By Nazrin Babashova

Here’s a great idea that qualms my fears of pots and pans being out of reach or dropped on our heads – it’s a simple wooden shelf with rails across the shelves that would keep the pots and pans in place while turned on their sides.

I actually like this idea a LOT but it won’t work at our house unless we were to undertake a major kitchen renovation as we have no “empty wall space” – but if you’ve got the wall space, it’s definitely a nice easy solution.

Keep the Pots and Pans on the Counters

stainless steel cooking pots on stove
Photo By Vije Vijendranath

It’s hard to think that leaving your pots out on your counter tops would be “storage and organization” – but at the same time this photo makes me think if you kept your pots in an area where you have some extra counter space, they’d be easy to reach and could even look nice. This would work fine if you only had a couple of pots and pans or didn’t cook that often.

Open Shelves

Shelf full of pans all in chrome
Shelf Full Of Pans All In Chrome

When I was younger I worked in a lot of commercial kitchens – two restaurants, and even for a caterer for a while. Commercial kitchens need to think about functionality and that’s pretty much what you have here!

While it may not be the prettiest arrangement, I do think it would be more functional to keep the pots and pans on open shelves rather than buried in a cabinet. It’d be a lot easier to see what you have and reach for it.

Old well worn recipe books and pots and pans on a kitchen shelf.
Old Well Worn Recipe Books And Pots And Pans On A Kitchen Shelf

This picture of pots and pans on a yellow shelf actually makes the most sense to me – you have the benefit of being able to easily reach and grab the pots and pans – as well as a way to put the lids in the back in a way that they almost look decorative.

Plus of course, something like this gives you an extra bonus – space for your vintage cookbook collection!

While I’m not sure yet what we’ll end up doing to solve our problem of having no places to put our pots and pans, there are definitely a lot of great ideas here. A full-blown kitchen remodel is a long way off for us as we have so much else to get caught up on around the house – but I do think with some creativity we could probably find a solution that wouldn’t be too hard to implement!

I hope these ideas inspire you and of course if you have any good solutions that would help me or someone else reading decide what to do with the never ending problem of pots and pans storage – please do share them in the comments section below!

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