Found On My Walk

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Went for a walk today and found an interesting assortment of things.

Ray found the green golf ball in our backyard. No idea where that came from – none of us or our neighbors golf. Our best guess is it was in the fill the township used after they destroyed our yard for sewer lines.

I found a pretty white pebble in the backyard too – again I’m guessing it came along with the backfill. At least now it won’t get struck by the lawnmower.

The pine cones were found in our front yard. I could have just left them there I suppose, but they were doomed also be run over by the lawnmower, so I figured they might as well be used decoratively instead.

Once we successfully walked around the yard cleaning up whatever debris was leftover from winter, we decided to venture up the road to get a little more exercise.

Finding the dime on the side of the road was definitely exciting. I don’t collect dimes really, (I’m more of a penny and quarter collector) – but hey, I’ll take 10 cents. 10 cents is 10 cents!

I picked up the metal fastener thing off the side of the road because it was just begging to go through someone’s tire.

The red plastic brush thingy – I’m really not sure what it’s from, maybe some bristles from a broom or scrub brush. Either way, it’s litter so I picked it up too.

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