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If you are a fan of the feather stitch, the fishbone embroidery stitch is a fun variation that can be great to use for all kinds of different designs in your embroidery!

It is a useful stitch for filling leaf shapes and is also a great one to use for borders and seam treatments often seen in crazy quilting.

At first glance, the stitch appears to be made up of two long outer and two short inner ones, but as will be seen by looking carefully there are only two movements and it’s done just as we would for the feather stitch, just spacing our stitches differently.

Fish Bone Embroidery Stitch Feather Variation
Fish Bone Embroidery Stitch Feather Variation

This stitch is worked from left to right and it can be helpful to mark 4 lines to use as guidance with two outside and two inside, with the two inside lines spaced close together.

You will always want to begin to work from one of the central lines. From the one to the right, you will want to insert the needle on the left outer line and bring it out on the left inner line, keeping the working thread under the needle ; continue in this way, working vertically and keeping the stitches
consistently sized and equally spaced.

The outsides stitches may be made longer and closer together if you like, which is a great technique to use when you want to use this stitch as a fill stitch for flower petals and leaves.

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