Under The Knee

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The lazy daisy stitch is a very common and popular embroidery stitch and can be used to quickly make the petals of flowers as well as many other designs.

This is a linked stitch and while it’s “proper name” is the loop / petal stitch, it is very commonly known as the lazy daisy stitch, although it’s hard to say when or how it got that nickname.

To do the lazy daisy stitch, bring the needle out in the centre of the space ; insert it again at the same point; and then bring it out near the tip of the petal and tack it down with a small stitch.

Loop Petal Lazy Daisy Stitch
Loop Petal Lazy Daisy Stitch

From there, continue around in a circle until you’ve completed as many flower petals as you like! (Most lazy daisies have 5)

Of course, you can use this same stitch in different patterns and different arrangements for all kinds of different effects!

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