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I love finding recycling ideas for plastic bottles – because just throwing them in the recycle bin is not nearly as fun as making something out of them! Today I thought I’d share some fun ideas to reuse plastic bottles – whether they be soda pop bottles, milk jugs, juice bottles, tea bottles…any kind of plastic container you can wash and safely reuse for new things.


Here are some creative ideas for ways to recycle plastic bottles:

A Fairy Garden House!

I am semi-addicted to fairy gardens. I will even admit I have a blog about it ­čÖé How can you NOT love their adorable-ness?┬áSo when I saw an idea on Pinterest to make a fairy garden house out of plastic jugs and containers, I absolutely had to try it!

See the tutorial Here: How to Make a Fairy Garden House Out of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Beads & Charms

In my previous post on ways to upcycle jewelry projects – I had posted an idea for punching out various shapes from thin bottles and using as charms & pendants and beads on necklaces. ┬áVery fun!

A Loose Change Coin Jar/Bank

This is a great craft to do with kids. Wash and rinse the plastic bottles, and then let the kids decorate with anything they’d like – you can glue stuff to it, like paper scraps, or you can paint it…whatever you enjoy! And then start putting in all your loose change – instant personalized bank!

Bird Feeder

Everyone has made the pop bottle bird feeder, right? No? You totally need to! They are fun and easy to and inexpensive to make, plus give birds a food source in the winter months!


Take very large bottles {such as a milk jug for example} and cut the side off and turn into a planter for houseplants or flowers! Very simple to do and fun also! You can even decorate it! You can also do this for plants that don’t require a lot of dirt {such as succulents} using the smaller containers and bottles also!

Fabric Bowls/Small Baskets

You can take the bottom of the bottle and cut it and then wrap and cover with fabric scraps to make a pretty fabric bowl or small basket! Add handles if you’d like!

I hope these ideas inspire you to reuse those plastic bottles. Have any plastic bottle recycling ideas or tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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