The Hungry Little Angel

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Recently my uncle Larry Huber wrote an adorable little Christmas angel and of course naturally as one who loves all things Christmas and family history, I absolutely had to post and share it here.

The inspiration of this story came from my uncle joking with a friend from church who was always hungry and told her she should write a children’s book about a hungry little angel.  She asked him to do it instead and so we have this very cute little story!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The Hungry Little Angel: A Christmas Story

The Hungry Little Angel
The Hungry Little Angel

If you listened carefully, the muffled sounds of carrots crunching were emerging from what looked like a tiny figure slouching in the back of the stable. The other stable denizens had begun their evening slumber and only their heavy breathing could be heard.

It was an unusually calm night, with stars lighting the sky enough to make out images on the hillside. Off in the distance, there were shepherds watching over their flock. Only the occasional bleating of the sheep broke the silence of the still night air.

Inside the stable, a diminutive figure lay huddled in the back munching on a human-style meal of carrots and celery. The figure tried covering her mouth to conceal her late night snack but it became increasingly obvious that she was very hungry.

Surprisingly, two adult figures appeared at the opening of the stable, a man seeming very worn from a long journey and his wife, looking very overdue for delivering a baby. After the man cleared a place for his wife to lie down, they both seemed to settle for the night. The night chill would have been unbearable
for most but the warm breathing of the animals and the soft hay helped make conditions cozy enough for what was soon to happen.

The small figure in the back was startled to see such things going on in her private refuge. Soon, the need for the woman’s comfort caught her immediate attention – she was going to have her baby right then and there.

As the labor pains increased, the comforting of her husband and the quiet of the night helped to calm her spirit and bring her peace. Soon, our tiny friend heard the cooing of a newborn baby. Almost instantly, she saw a bright light coming from the sky above the distant hillside and thought to herself, “Uh-oh. I
better get back up to that hillside right away.”

Suddenly, an older figure appeared to our embarrassed little friend and remarked, “Chrissy, it’s okay. We need to announce the birth of the Christ Child, the new-born King! Can you stay here tonight? I will have the other angels instruct the shepherds from that hillside to visit here. Once they see you, they’ll know they have found the right stable.”

The hungry little angel’s face lit into full glow and she stood tall and anxious to embrace her special assignment. As the shepherds arrived, Chrissy quietly but eagerly pointed the way to the infant now resting in the hay of a manger.

Our once hungry little angel was filled with love and joy. She wasn’t little nor was she hungry any more.

© Lawrence Huber 2023, All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission of the author.

Isn’t it a cute story? And of course, if you’re feeling a little hungry after reading this, you must absolutely try some of our heirloom Huber family recipes – starting with my grandma’s trademark Christmas Cookie – Polish Bon Bons!

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I enjoyed this story so much that it’s also sparked me to start a website only about Christmas! It’s called Christmas Cocoa and I can’t wait to share all kinds of Christmas goodies over there!

I hope you enjoy the story (and some cookies!) –– and of course please share your comments and what you like about the story below!

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