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If you are new to filet crochet, it’s likely you will encounter at some point the calling for a “bar” or “bar stitch” in your patterns.

Most filet patterns are created by a series of empty spaces and treble crochets to create various designs. Sometimes also called “open work” crochet, you will work mostly in treble stitches and chain stitches, though double crochet and single crochet stitches can also be used for more intricate designs.

A bar is basically when you create one treble crochet, chain 5, miss five stitches, and create a treble in the next open space.

Sometimes you will see the steps of creating a bar included with repeats in a pattern, but calling it a bar is a lot shorter to write and spell and less confusion, so that is what we call it today!

How to Do a Bar Stitch?

To do a bar stitch, after having the loop of a completed treble crochet stitch on your hook, chain five, miss five stitches, and treble in the next open space.

As you can see, a filet crochet pattern could get very long and repetitive (and possibly even more confusing to follow!)

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