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Christmas Tree For The Birds Bok Maybank Webres

A Christmas Tree for The Birds

Here’s a lovely idea to make an outdoor Christmas tree for birds from the 1926 Book of Knowledge Children’s Encyclopedia.
Types Of Metal Finishes

12 Types of Metal Finishes

Today I’m talking about the 12 most common types of metal finishes used for home decor, furniture, fixtures and other items made of metal.
plate with yellow flower

How to Use Paper Napkins for Decoupage

Here are some tips for working with paper napkins for decoupage: where to find them {cheaply!} and the secret to applying them in your projects.
how to make bottle cap magnets

How to Make Easy DIY Bottle Cap Magnets

Today I wanted to share a super simple and fun tutorial on how to make your own DIY Bottle Cap magnets. Not only are they easy to make, they are…
recycle old clothes

12 Fun & Crafty Ways to Recycle Old Clothes

Ever wonder how you can reuse and recycle old clothes? Well, today I thought I’d share some awesome ideas you can use for clothing you either get from thrift and…
decoupage jewelry box

Decoupage Ideas for Creative Reuse

Looking for decoupage ideas and inspiration? Here are some beautiful examples of decoupage projects to transform vintage and worn items into beautiful home decor accents!