I originally published this poem way back in the days of my very early blogging adventures on Associated Content before Yahoo got greedy + decided to eat it up and lose the work of thousands of authors.

There are so many things I could add to this list of “Things Dads Say” – but for now, since it IS Father’s Day today – as we always say around here: done is better than none.

Also, it dawned on me, maybe you need a really quick father’s day gift or card last-minute – so I’ve got you covered with a free printable of this poem. No sign up required – the download links are at the end of this post.

**Dad-isms, the Things Dads Say: A Father’s Day Poem**

A little dirt never hurt anybody
Keep your eye on the ball
We’ve got to toughen you up
You’ll learn someday
It’ll be all right
What? Us kids were just having fun.

Who wants pancakes?

I’m just gawking
Go ask your mother
What did your mother say?
You didn’t get that from me
Do what I say, not what I do

It builds character

Hay is for horses

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
It’s not worth doing unless you do it right
Nobody said it would be easy
Oh c’mon, you can do it
You had to learn the hard way, didn’t you?

Listen to your mother

Money doesn’t grow on trees
You kids don’t know what hard work is
I’m not made of money
Don’t throw that out! We can use that!
Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better

That’s a steal!

We’re not lost I just don’t know where we are
It’s that place where the post office used to be
Keep your hands on the wheel
Give it a little gas…Not that much! Brake! Braake! Stop!
What were you thinking?

You’re only young once

Has anyone seen my keys? Jacket? Hat? Glasses?
I’m not sleeping 
I’m just resting my eyes
Zzz…What? I’m awake. Why’d you turn the TV off?
When I was your age…

What was I saying? Oh yeah…

Sleep tight
don’t let the bedbugs bite
See you later alligator
After awhile crocodile
Love Ya

Poem by Chelle Stein,
(Originally Published on, February 2009)

It’s funny cause I wrote this poem in 2009 and I just realized I wrote this before my youngest kiddo was born – this would have been after Ray’s very first Father’s Day when I wrote it. Yeesh, I wrote this poem more than 15 years ago!

Printable Version

This high-res PDF printable will look best if you print it on Legal Sized Paper, but you can always scale it to fit letter sized or even A4 when you go to print it. (See my tips on resizing embroidery patterns for how to do that!)

Download Legal Size

Download Letter Size

For the image, just click on + save the graphic below.


You can share the graphic on social media or print out this poem to send your own dads or even print + cut out for journals and scrapbooks or even just copy/paste the text to send via email. I mean, do whatever you want that is reasonable as long as you aren’t making money off of it lol.

Send it to all ye padres out there that you love + Happy Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

Got a Dadism to add to this list? You know I want to hear it! Share it in the comments below!

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