Counting Nickels Worksheet

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These free coin counting worksheets are a great way for kids to practice your math skills – and of course start learning how to quickly and easily sort and count coins!

Why Use Coin Counting Worksheets?

When I first designed these worksheets, I wanted to come up with a way that my youngest daughter could help me sort through and count up a gigantic jar of loose change.

We have so much fun doing things like coin roll hunting and metal detecting as a family with kids so it always seems I have a pretty big pile of coins to sort through!

My daughter had never rolled coins before, and while she could count the coins, she was quickly getting frustrated because she would sometimes lose her place and end up having to count the whole roll all over again.

Being the inventive mama that I am, I decided to make these worksheets to help her and I figured if she liked them there would surely be other kids who would enjoy them too!

I could see these being a great way to keep toddlers and preschoolers entertained on the days the kids are bored and need an important job to do!

Beyond just using them to learn how to roll coins, there are so many other ways these worksheets could be used! You could use them for skip-counting, multiplication tables practice, and so much more!

How to Use These Worksheets

The pennies, quarters, nickels and dimes coin counting worksheets are designed so that if you cover up all the spots for each coin, you know you have the correct number of coins to put into a roll of coins.

Even if you do not have enough coins to cover ALL the spots, there’s also the ability to quickly put your coins on the worksheet and know, okay, we have 5 rows of 4 quarters each, that’s $5 worth of quarters.

counting nickels worksheet

In addition, these coin counting worksheets can help eliminate that problem of having to be able to stay focused while counting up the coins.

If you ever struggle with being easily distracted while counting, these are a lifesaver that can save you a lot of time spent recounting coins while you roll them!

Beyond just basic counting skills, there are multiple different ways you can use these. If you are a teacher or a homeschooling parent, these sheets are super flexible for all sorts of counting and math exercises.

What’s Included in This Free Coin Counting Worksheet Download:

This download comes in a .zip format and includes 6 printable PDF files.

The download includes these 6 different worksheets, all in PDF format:

  • Counting Pennies Worksheet
  • Counting Nickels Worksheet
  • Counting Dimes Worksheet
  • Counting Quarters Worksheet
  • Coin Roll Counting Worksheet
  • Coin Roll Value Calculator Worksheet

Please Note: The image previews in this blog post are scaled-down and NOT at print resolution! Make sure you use the download button at the end of this post to get the download the high quality full-resolution files for printing!

Counting Pennies Worksheet

counting pennies worksheet

This counting pennies worksheet has 5 rows with 10 columns of pennies, which equals 50 pennies = 50¢. Each row of pennies is worth 10¢. You would need to fill this worksheet twice to have $1 worth of pennies!

Free Counting Nickels Worksheet

counting nickels worksheet

This counting nickels worksheet has 5 rows with 8 columns of nickels, which equals 40 nickels. Each row is equal to 40¢. 40 nickels equals $2.

You would need to fill this worksheet five times to make $10!

This would be a great worksheet to use as a group activity for kids to learn counting by fives and their fives times tables.

Counting Dimes Worksheet

counting dimes worksheet

This worksheet for counting dimes includes 5 rows of 10 columns each for placing dimes.

Each row = $1 and if you fill the whole sheet it is $5 worth of dimes. You would need to fill out two of these to have $10.

Printable Counting Quarters Worksheet

This worksheet for counting quarters includes 5 rows of 8 columns each divided in half. Each half row equals one dollar {4 quarters} while a whole row equals $2.

If you fill the whole sheet it is $10 worth of quarters. How many sheets would you need to fill to have $100?

{Yes, the answer is 10, you are a smart cookie!}

Coin Roll Counting Worksheet

coin roll counting worksheet

This coin counting worksheet is a little bit different – this worksheet is meant for teaching an easy way to stack and count coins to fill out coin rolls.

For this worksheet, you want to place stacks of 10 coins each on the designated circle. So, for example, in the quarters row, you would place 4 stacks of 10 coins each.

free printable coin roll worksheet

Above is a picture of the worksheet in use to give you an idea of how I used it to show my kids how to count coins.

If you were rolling for coins, you would want stacks of 10 coins each so that it equals the correct amount. For example, 4 stacks of 10 quarters = $40.

Coin Roll Value Calculator Worksheet

This worksheet goes with the above one and helps you tally up and calculate the amount of rolled coins you have and how much you could either deposit into your account at the bank or trade in for cash.

Here’s a preview of what it might look like when you fill it out:

coin roll value calculator workshop

This worksheet can be used in conjunction with any of the ones above if you are rolling coins! It can also be a helpful exercise for teaching multiplication skills.

Quick Quiz: If you have 12 rolls of quarters, how much is that worth? {$120!} How many rolls of quarters do you need to have $200? {20 rolls of quarters!}

You could even use these to make up those math book word problem questions.

“Billy rolled up 23 rolls of quarters, 12 rolls of dimes, 5 rolls of nickels and 15 rolls of pennies. How much money does he have in total?”

Do you really want to add it all up in your head? Having a coin-counting sheet like this makes it super easy to know – and remember – that you have $307.50 to deposit in the bank.

Download the Free Counting Worksheets for Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies

To download all of these free coin counting worksheets, simply click on the download button below!

I hope you enjoy these free coin counting worksheets and of course if you have any questions about using them please don’t hesitate to ask!

Are there any other types of free printables you would like to see for coin collecting? I’d love to hear about what types of printables would be most useful for you in the comments section below!

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