Loop Stitch Border

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The loop stitch embroidery border is a fun variation of the same stitch you use to make a lazy daisy (aka the loop stitch) and creates a very pretty decorative border. It looks great as a seam treatment in crazy quilts but also very nice for various other slow stitch and embroidery projects!

If you aren’t familiar with how to do the loop stitch in embroidery, it is basically worked so that a loop is drawn with the thread and then a small stitch is made to secure it in place.

The loop stitch is sometimes called the lazy daisy stitch, although you can use it in any kind of formation beyond just a daisy, like we do in this border!

This loop-stitch border uses the exact same way of stitching the lazy daisy stitch, but the difference is in the length of the tying stitch, as this is used to form a stem instead of the flowers as it would in the lazy daisy.

How to Make the Loop Stitch Border

Loop Stitch Border
Loop Stitch Border

In making this stitch, it’s helpful to mark 4 parallel lines evenly spaced apart so that you are able to evenly space between the loops and the connecting stem.

To make the border, simply alternate between creating your loops from the first 2 lines at one angle and then create the loop from the other two lines at the opposite angle.

It’s super fun to work and always looks great – this is also a fun one to combine with knots or other fancy stitches for unique seam treatments and borders.

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