The Big List of Spinning Wheel Brands, Makers & Manufacturers

Spinning Wheel Fiber Equipment Manufacturer

There are so many spinning wheel brands, makers and manufacturers, it can be sometimes hard to keep track of them all!

I was making a list of all the different companies that manufacture spinning wheels and fiber arts equipment for my own researching purposes and thought maybe if it was helpful for me it might be helpful for someone else.

Hopefully this will help you compare them side by side when you consider your next spinning wheel!

This list features all known-to-me active manufacturers currently producing and designing wheels and other fiber arts equipment for spinning yarn and weaving.

All companies are listed alphabetically A to Z. The table of contents below can help you navigate to a specific manufacturer.

spinning wheel makers list


Ashford is a well recognized New Zealand company that makes a wide variety of spinning wheels and other tools for fiber artists.

They have a wide selection of different types of wheels, ranging from classic saxony design to more modern castle wheels.

Wheels made by Ashford are very common, which is helpful for finding accessories, repair parts, and a community of knowledgeable spinners for advice. Ashford wheels and fiber equipment are available worldwide.

Some of the wheel designs currently in production:

  • Ashford Kiwi
  • Ashford Joy
  • Ashford Traditional
  • Ashford Elizabeth
  • Ashford Country Spinner
  • Ashford Traveler
  • Ashford e-Spinner

Babe’s Fiber Garden

Babe’s Fiber Garden is a small company based out of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. They are well-known manufacturers for a very unique and affordable spinning wheel originally first designed by creator Nels Wiberg.

Their wheels are made with PVC and wheelchair grade wheels. While they may appear unusual, the materials offer one distinct advantage: unlike wood it is not prone to cracking, warping, or splitting with age.

They also offer The Bulky Wonder, an affordable electric spinner that is able to accommodate spinning bulky and chunky art yarns.

If you want a reliable wheel that fits any budget, wheels designed and manufactured by Babe’s Fiber Garden might just be the perfect solution for you!

Clemes & Clemes, Inc.

Clemes & Clemes is a father-son duo manufacturing fiber arts equipment since the 1970s.

They are currently experiencing a backorder on wheels for 2019, but they offer both a modern and traditional wheel for spinning. In addition to wheels, they also sell drum carders, hand carders and other fiber processing tools.

Electric Eel Wheel

Electric Eel Wheels were first introduced as a Kickstarter campaign by inventor Maurice Ribble. Each new release brings noticeable improvements and innovations.

We’re very excited by the Electric Eel Nano, a VERY mini electric spinning wheel designed to be ultra-portable and lightweight – it is not much larger than a standard 4 oz. bobbin and can fit in the palm of your hand!


HansenCrafts produces a nice selection of electric spinners under the miniSpinner brand that are quiet and reliable. Their electric spinners are stylish, quiet and compact.

Heavenly Handspinning

Heavenly Handspinning is a small company owned by Jan and Richard Ford. They are based out of Braselton, Georgia in the U.S.

They have been designing and innovating a number of spinning tools since 2006. The Vespera electric spinner is their signature electric spinner which is available in a variety of styles and sizes.

They recently introduced the Navitas, which is a hybrid electric and manual wheel and the Arrow, an en electric spinner that offers scotch tension. They also offer a variety of beautifully handcrafted kick spindles and drop spindles.

You can learn more about their wheels via their website, YouTube channel, and of course check out the current offerings in their Etsy Shop.


Kromski is an American based family-owned business of spinning wheels. They manufacturer a number of different styles and designs in addition to weaving and fiber processing equipment.

They began in the 1930s and today still carry on a long-standing tradition for quality and craftsmanship. They currently offer a line-up of 7 different spinning wheels:

  • Sonata
  • Fantasia
  • Minstrel
  • Prelude
  • Interlude
  • Polonaise
  • Symphony


The Lendrum brand began in Ontario Canada by creator Gordon Lendrum in 1970. There is not a lot of information available online, but you can visit the dealer page to find Lendrum wheel near you.


Louët is a Dutch company based in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1974 by an Louët Feisser and Clemens Claessen.

The company still carries a long standing tradition of quality and dedication to producing beautiful and functional spinning wheels.

They have dealers and distributors worldwide, so they are relatively easy to find and test out at a local yarn shop.

Here are some of the current models offered by Louët:

  • Victoria
  • S17
  • S10 Classic
  • Julia
  • Art Yarn


Majacraft is a company based in New Zealand. They currently offer a nice selection of modern castle-style wheels and travel wheels.

If you order a Majacraft direct from the manufacturer, they have the capability to offer custom laser-etched designs and color selections.

Here are some of the wheel designs currently offered by Majacraft:

  • Aura
  • Rose
  • Suzie
  • Suzie Professional
  • Little Gem
  • Pioneer X

Roberta / Ertoel

Roberta is a brand of electric spinners manufactured by the Australian-based company Ertoel.

Sandra Spinners

Sandra Spinners are the brand of spinning wheels lovingly handcrafted by Sandra Fritts Walker in Cedar Creek, Texas.

The SandraSpinners Treadle Wheel features a unique treadle with a large heal-toe pedal design. In addition to the Treadle Wheel, she also offers an electric spinner.

Schacht Spindle Company

Schacht is American based company that began designing and crafting handspinning and handweaving equipment in 1969.

They offer a number of modern and classic wheels that can meet the needs for beginner and experienced spinners alike.

Here is their current line-up of spinning wheel designs available:

  • Schacht Reeves
  • Schacht Ladybug
  • Schacht Matchless
  • Schacht Flat Iron
  • Schacht Sidekick Folding Spinning Wheel

Schacht wheels can be found on their website, as well as through a number of distributors and dealers worldwide.


Spinolution is a newer spinning wheel brand based in the United States. They offer a nice selection of modern spinning wheels suitable for any type of yarn.

Their current line-up of spinning wheels includes:

  • Pollywog
  • Bull Frog (I own this wheel!)
  • Echo
  • Queen Bee
  • Hopper
  • King Bee
  • Worker Bee
  • Monarch
  • Firefly {electric spinner}

This list is current up to my knowledge to the present day – and of course I will continually update this with new information as I learn it.

While my goal is to share the most comprehensive list of spinning wheel maker and brands I am aware of, I am sure there are also brands I have not heard of!

If you know of a spinning wheel maker not included here please do let me know in the comments below so I can add to it!

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