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Buttercups and Daisies is a poem by Ella W. Ricker, published in Golden Hours: Magazine for Boys and Girls, Volume 7 in 1880.

Buttercups and Daisies

Ella W. Ricker, 1880

BUTTERCUPS and daisies stand amid the grass,
Lifting their bright faces to greet us as we pass ;
Beckoning and nodding, soon as we appear;
Waving us a welcome while we linger near.

Buttercups and daisies, blossoms gold and
       white ;
Lighting gloomy places, making earth so

Spangling all the meadows, climbing all the
Crowding on the margin of the little rills.

Many are the subjects of Queen Flora's reign;
Many are the handmaids following in her
But of all the flowerets blooming far and near,
Can you tell of any that are held more dear?

Buttercups and Daisies, Poem by Ella W. Ricker

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  1. Trying to find poem which starts:
    I know a field, where in the spring, a myriad of buttercups dance and sing.

    Can you help please ?
    PG Honey

    1. Hi Patrick, I am not familiar with that poem but if I come across it in my old book travels I will let you know! Do you have any idea when it might have been published?

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